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How to Use the Straight Edge Wallie Forms

How to Use the Straight Edge Wallie Forms

Our New Straight Edge Wallie Forms are sold individually or in a 5-pack. The Wallie 5-Pack also includes 5 Spacer Pulls which are used to remove the Form from the Clay. You can also purchase the Wallies individually, however these do not include the Spacer Pulls, so those would need to be purchased seperately.

To begin using the Wallie Forms we recommend gluing in the Spacer Pull and Spacer Pin to the Wallie Form so that you can easily remove the Wallie from the clay. To do this, put a small amount of Wood or Elmer's Glue into the drill hole. 

Adding glue to Wallie Form for pottery

Next, take your Spacer Pull and Pin and attach it to the drill hole. Then hold down the Spacer Pull for 30 seconds or until the Glue has dried.

Spacer and Wallie Form.    Attaching the Spacer and Wallie Form with glue

Next, take a slab of clay and place the Wallie Form on top of the slab. Then cut the clay slab an inch away from the Wallie Form's edge using a Knife.

Cutting clay slab with loonie knife

Next, place the Wallie Form off to the side and compress the slab using a Large Yellow (#5) Mudtools Rib. Then grab your Wallie Form and drape the clay slab over the Form (make sure to place the compressed side of the slab onto the Form).

Compressing clay with a Rib   Placing clay on top of Wallie Form

Now, use your hands to press the sides of the slab down so that the clay starts forming to the Wallie. Start pressing down using light-medium pressure. Once the clay takes the shape of the Wallie Form you can start applying more pressure and smoothing out the clay.

After the clay has formed to the Wallie Form, cut off any excess clay using a Knife.

Forming clay to mold   Cutting off excess clay

Now, take your Large Yellow (#5) Mudtools Rib and compress the sides, moving in an upward motion toward the Form (this will help to strengthen the edge and corners to avoid cracking). Then compress the bottom of the piece, make sure all areas are compressed and smooth.

Using Rib to compress piece

Next, cut the clay along the edge of the Form using a Dirty Girls Sling Shot Tool or Knife.

Dirty girls slingshot tool to cut off extra clay

Next, grab the Spacer Pull with your fingers and remove the Form from the clay. Then use a drying tool of your choice to dry the clay and begin decorating your piece!

Pulling Form from clay   Using a drying tool to dry out the clay


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