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How to measure a Round Form

How to Measure the Forms

Form sizes are measured from the back side of the Form which is also the largest part of the Form. The side of the Form that has the stamp is also an indicator that you're measuring the correct side. Measurements are approximate. 

Here are some examples of how you would measure some of our most common Form shapes:

Round Form MeasurementOval FormSquare FormSpherical TriangleHexagon Form

If you are trying to determine what size to make, there are many factors involved. Factors would include: The size of your lip, shrinkage of clay and firing temperature.

The Depth of Standard Forms are 3/4 inch. If you want to determine the center/inside measurement, it would be 1.5 inches smaller than the Form measurements. However, our Slim Forms are only a 1/2 inch in depth.


Deeper Form Options:

If you are looking for a deeper option you can use the general rule that if a shape is 1.5 inches different in measurement it will stack with the size above or below it. We offer "Stacks" to make this available to you. 

Due to the depth limitations of the wood we feel it is not practical to glue wood together to make deeper shapes. If you need this depth then it becomes more cost effective to use plaster molds.

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