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How to Care for the Studio Boards

How to Care for the Studio Boards

Studio Boards:

Our new Studio Boards are lightweight and made of a material that works as a perfect release agent for the clay. However, since these boards are so lightweight and thin, they can warp quite easily.

We recommend only using the Studio Boards as a work surface and to assist when flipping work over. They are not designed to be used for drying or wedging clay on. Because the boards are thin and made of wood, they cannot be left wet for too long.

We recommend leaving the boards out to dry in-between uses, as well as flipping the boards over so you're always working on the dry side of the board.

If your board does warp, we recommend laying the warped side of the board onto the surface that you're working on, then take a slab of clay and placing it on the flatter side of the board. The board will absorb some of that moisture and start to even itself out.

For more details on how to care for the Studio Boards, watch the video below:

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