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DIY: How to Make your Own Wheel Table

DIY: How to Make your Own Wheel Table

Looking to create a convenient work table to go around your potters wheel? Jeff created one that is in his studio and loves working on it! The top of the table is made of MDF Wood so it is a great work surface when using clay.

He is also able to cover up his wheel with a wooden MDF insert incase he needs more room to work and doesn't need to access his wheel.

Jeff removing tabletop   Brent Potters Wheel


Check out some of Jeff's process images below to see how it was made:

 Step 1: Measure your wheel

Brent Pottery Wheel with a Ruler Measuring the Height

Step 2: Build the Frame for the Tabletop that will surround your pottery wheel

Measuring the Wooden Platform for the Pottery Tabletop

Step 3: Cover the exposed frame with plywood

Wheel Tabletop

Step 4: Add in any shelving

Table Top for Pottery Wheel DIY

Step 5: Add the tabletop (we used MDF Wood)

Pottery Table Top for Wheel

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