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About GR Pottery Forms

GR Pottery Forms are American Made wood fiber drape molds used for hand-building. With our Forms you can quickly make plates, platters, bowls and dishes in repeating and complementary sizes. They are easy to use, budget friendly and light weight.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Rottman, Owner

Jeff Rottman is the Designer and Maker of this homegrown company. What started as a practical tool for his personal studio use has turned into a business sharing his passion with others! He enjoys working in the pottery studio, fishing, golfing and spending time camping in Northern Michigan with his wife, Gretchen and three kids.

Shelby, Design & Marketing Specialist

Shelby is our Graphic Design and Marketing Wizard. Shelby likes spending time outdoors, walking her dogs and playing beach volleyball. She's enjoying learning more about pottery from Jeff and would love to add it to her list of hobbies in the near future.

August, Warehouse Specialist

August is our Warehouse and Shipping Specialist. August passes their time by going to comic and horror conventions dressed as their favorite anti-heros. You can also find August on the Lake Michigan Shore Line searching for lake glass, hag stones or driftwood.

Chelsey, Social Media Specialist

Chelsey is our Social Media Maven in charge of engaging content for our online community. Chelsey has taught classes using GR Pottery Forms and is happy to share tips and tricks! She enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, and dogs. 

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