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WA (Wheel Attachment)

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***NEW VERSION available Oct 18, 2022

The WA (Wheel Attachment) is a GR Pottery Forms Bat system to turn a slab into a plate! 

The WA helps to cut an even lip, a foot ring and to throw a foot in one sitting. 

The standard Round GR Pottery Forms comes with a drill hole to fit onto this Bat system. The center hole allows the maker to push the spacer up from the bottom to lift form slab from the WA surface helping to eliminate finger marks.

15" outer diameter with 10" diameter to center of drill holes for batt pins. This fits all the standard US wheel heads. 

All Forms are measured in inches. 

Weight: 2.7 lbs


 WA + WA Board explained ↓ watch video here ↓


 WA System step-by-step instructions ↓ watch video here ↓